NFL Free Agency Frenzy Sparks Twitter Debate

Larry French/Getty Images

Sports reporters and experts weigh in on moves by Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselbeck and other players.

Due to the NFL lockout, the NFL’s off-season has been shortened from months to a matter of days. As teams scramble to set their rosters, free agent signing rumors ran rampant on Twitter.

As trade whispers saturated the web, including the movements of Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselbeck and Kyle Orton, experts took to Twitter to throw in their two cents.

“Today has been crazy exciting for NFL news. Maybe they should play the whole 2011 season in one week,” wrote Eric Stangel, head writer and EP of Late Show with David Letterman.

ESPN publicist Mike Humes was also surprised with the intensity of the pace of signings, and commented on the tentative new addition to the Vikings.

“Amazed at the speed of the wheelin & dealin: Redskins reach preliminary agreement to trade QB Donovan McNabb to Vikings,” he wrote.

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Charles Robinson, as investigative reporter for Yahoo! Sports, had a lot to say about the possible move of Washington Redskins’ McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings.

“Donovan McNabb is a bigger diva than people think. The T.O. mess, divorce from Philly, Redskins debacle...he brought a lot of it on himself,” he wrote.

“Like a lot of media, I drank McNabb's Kool-Aid for a bit. Especially w/ T.O. fallout. But as time as gone on, the shine has come off.”

“W/ McNabb, further I have gotten from NFL, more I have talked w/ former teammates who thought he was selfish. More "me" than people think,” Robinson continued on Twitter.

Los Angeles Times media reporter Joe Flint also threw in his opinion on McNabb’s move.

“Prediction: Donovan McNabb goes to Vikings and has career year while Redskins go 6-10. It's the curse of Brad Johnson,” Flint tweeted.

Another move getting a lot of attention on Twitter is former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hesselbeck’s move to the Titans.

Doug Farrar, a writer for yahoo and, tweeted, “My last Seattle memory of Hasselbeck was when he ran Seahawks player workouts despite no future with the team. One of the NFL's best people.”

ESPN’s NFL Business analyst Andrew Brandt also mention Hasselbeck, and his personal friendship with the player.

“I'm biased-as his former agent and friend-but Matt Hasselbeck brings great value on and off field. Glad he has options ahead,” he wrote.