NFL game getting 3D treatment

HDlogix partners with Cowboys for Sunday's match

This weekend's Dallas Cowboys/San Diego Chargers NFL match will begin an Edison, N.J.-based company's drive to bring live 3D broadcasting to the home.

HDlogix is partnering with the Dallas Cowboys to show some of Sunday's game, live in 3D, on what is billed as the world's largest high-definition video screen, which hangs from the 20-yard line to the 20-yard line in Cowboys Stadium. Everyone attending the event will receive a pair of paper 3D glasses to use while viewing the game in the stadium.

The event will provide the first public look at the quality results of HDlogix's ImageIQ 3D technology, which the company said uses large amounts of computing power to convert standard HD video signals from 2D to 3D, on the fly in real time. HDlogix hopes to interest the market in its technology, possibly as a way to offer PPV live sports and other content in 2010.

The company is eyeing this application in particular for sports, which are often viewed as a potential killer app for 3D in the home.

CTO Will Gaddy said that to actually produce live 3D programming from the start, many changes in production are needed, such as different types of camera rigs. "We offer a drop-in solution that operates in a simple 2D workflow," he said of their conversion alternative.

The company plans to formally launch its system next month at the Consumer Electronics Show, where major set makers will unveil 3D-ready TVs for which 3D content will be needed.

HDlogix VP sales and marketing Simon Tidnam said that the technology is used at the broadcast end and the content could be displayed on any of the new 3D TVs entering the market. He added that it could also be used to display in anaglyph -- today's commonly used two-color method the employs the use of paper glasses -- so that even those without 3D TVs could view the format at home.

Tidnam declined to reveal pricing plans.