NFL Lockout Ends: What Hollywood, Players Are Saying

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Team owners and players reached an agreement Monday that put a stop to the four-month-plus lockout.

NFL team owners and players reached an agreement early Monday that led to an end of the four-month-plus lockout.

The news means that NFL clubs will be able to start signing 2011 draft picks and rookie free agents Tuesday, with training camps opening starting the following day.

STORY: NFL Owners, Players Reach Deal to End Lockout

After the news broke, several in Hollywood, along with a slew of players, hit Twitter to share their thoughts. Here's what they had to say:

Albert Brooks:
NFL lockout to end after players threatened to beat the sh*t out of the owners.

Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin on The Office:
First day of shooting in The Office AND the NFL lockout is over. All in all... A freaking great day.

Arsenio Hall:
The NFL lockout is over! Concluding with a not so classic "win / lose" compromise! #playerscannotwin

Brad Paisley:
Busy week. Just got finished negotiating the NFL lockout deal, now I'm headed to Washington to work on the debt deal.

Tom Arnold:
The NFL players and owners are excited and grateful to get back to work. Maybe we should have a lockout every year

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CNBC's Darren Rovell:
Early odds on NFL lockout after 2021 season? I say highly likely.

NFL Live host Trey Wingo, in response:
We have a win for the worst tweet of the day. RT @darrenrovell Early odds on NFL lockout after 2021 season? I say highly likely. #buzzkill

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick:
Congrats to both parties on settling the lockout. Intelligent men always find ways to win!!!

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow:
Game on.

St. Louis Rams wide receiver James Laurinaitis:
Time to get back to work really soon. Man I've missed the feeling!!!

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Donte Stallworth:
Time to pack... just don't know where to yet! But I'm still excited anyway #FreeAgentLife

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Oakland Raiders wide receiver Jacoby Ford:

Hey I got a job again.

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards:
Good Morning #Team17 were back in business #LockoutIsOver now let's find out where we're playing! What team do u wanna see me with?

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Kirk Morrison:
"Game On, Game On" (Wayne and Garth voice) #LockoutLifted

New York Jets defensive end Marcus Dixon:
Dang it feels good to workout and know it's really for a purpose!! #footballisback

Denver Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller:
Today feels like a Holiday to me!! Thank God for football!

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Broncos running back Lance Ball:
Time to smash some skulls again.

Houston Texans cornerback Glover Quin Jr.:
Had a feeling that today was going to be a good day but i was wrong.. Believe today is going to be a GREAT day.. #footballisback