NFL Scandal: Top Beer Sponsor "Increasingly Concerned" Over Recent Incidents

Roger Goodell Horizontal - H 2014
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Roger Goodell Horizontal - H 2014

Anheuser-Busch spent $149 million on Super Bowl advertising from 2009 to 2013

The top beer sponsor is weighing on the NFL for its handling of a string of highly publicized abuse scandals involving star players. 

On Tuesday, Anheuser-Busch — a big spender in Super Bowl advertising whose Bud Light brand is the official beer of the league — issued a highly critical statement of the NFL. 

"We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season," said the beverage maker in a statement released by a spokesperson. "We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league."

Those "expectations" were not disclosed in the statement. However, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been widely criticized over his handling of the domestic abuse scandal involving Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and child abuse allegations leveled at Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson.

The company's brand, Bud Light, has been the official beer of the NFL since 2010, when it replaced MillerCoors as the premier sponsor. Anheuser-Bush has been a top spending brand with the league from 2009 to 2013, including $149 million during five Super Bowls, according to Nielsen statistics released in January. 

This year the company advertised during the Feb. 2 Super Bowl to showcase its "Up for Whatever" campaign, which has been ongoing during NFL games.