NFL Star Gives Daughter Game-Winning Pep Talk Before Cancer Operation

Devon Still Leah Still - H 2014

More than five hours of surgery was a success

It's mission accomplished for Cincinnati Bengals star Devon Still and daughter Leah, who successfully underwent cancer surgery Thursday.

Ahead of the operation, Still gave four-year-old Leah a pep talk, and he shared the moment  (fist bump and all) on Instagram.

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"I might be nervous and scared beyond words but I'll never let her see it," he wrote, adding, "let's get this done!"

Hours later, Still posted a happy update: Leah's surgery had been a success. 

"After a 5hr 50min surgery the surgeon was able to remove ALL of her tumor and all of her lymph nodes and her right adrenal gland where it all started from," Still wrote, calling it the "best news I've received in a long time." 

Leah was diagnosed in June with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. Still has dedicated this season to raising money for Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, asking people to pledge money for every Bengals sack.

You can find out how to donate here.