NFL Stars Welcome Back Football With Sing-Along to Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home"

Home Sweet Home Football_Ad - H 2016

Home Sweet Home Football_Ad - H 2016

Michael Strahan, Denver Broncos' Von Miller and Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown are among those who make cameos in the new NFL spot.

The NFL is celebrating the start of preseason football in song.

In a new ad spot released Thursday, past and present NFL players, fans, coaches and more members of the sports community can be seen singing along to the lyrics of Motley Crue's 1985 hit "Home Sweet Home" to ring in the return of football season. The video, posted to the NFL's YouTube page, was uploaded with the message: "It's finally time to come home to football."

Among the many athletes making a cameo are Von Miller (Denver Broncos), Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers), Michael Strahan (formerly of the New York Giants), Charles Woodson (formerly of the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers) and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The spot will air live on ESPN during Saturday's Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys game. Watch it below.