NFL Players Allowed to Tweet During Pro Bowl

Eagles Giants Sunday Night Football H 2011
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Computers will be set up on the sidelines for the annual game on Jan. 29 in Hawaii.

Want to know what the NFL players are thinking about while they’re on the field playing for the win?

Fans will get a little more access to the top players in the NFL, who will now be able to tweet during the Pro Bowl, the League has announced.

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The NFL is relaxing their infamously strict rules on social media, and allowing players to tweet during the game, which takes place Sunday, Jan. 29, in Hawaii. Not only are players allowed to Tweet, but the NFL is encouraging them to do so by setting up a computer on each sideline where players can use Twitter. Tweeting is voluntary and only one player can tweet at a time.

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Mobile phone use will not be allowed during the game, but players can use their phones to tweet before the game and at halftime. Players will be using #ProBowl in their tweets.

Fans shouldn’t get accustomed to the extra communication from players, however, because the NFL has said that the Twitter usage will only be for the Pro Bowl, and will not extend into the regular season games, playoffs or the Super Bowl.

The NFL's policy for games currently bans the use of Twitter 90 minutes before a game, and lasts through the post-game interviews.