NHK Appoints Matsumoto as New President

The vice-chairman of Central Japan Railway will take over after the previous candidate was unable to serve.

TOKYO – Public broadcaster NHK appointed Masayuki Matsumoto as its new president after a row with Yuichiro Anzai last week saw the president-to-be withdraw his candidacy.

Matsumoto, 66, is vice chairman of the Central Japan Railway Co., or JR Tokai, and is the second head of a private company to take the NHK helm, after the incumbent Shigeo Fukuchi, a former boss of Asahi Breweries.

"In terms of their public nature, a railway company and NHK share the same basic values," Matsumoto told reporters at the headquarters of JR Tokai – formerly part of the nationalized rail network -- in Nagoya. 

The NHK board of governors held an emergency meeting on Saturday to decide on a replacement for Fukuchi, 76, whose three-year term ends on January 24.

“I feel as if I have been whipping my old bones around the course these past three years,” declared Fukuchi in a statement on the NHK website.