NHL on board Sling clip service


NEW YORK -- The NHL has signed on to Clip + Sling, Sling Media's soon-to-be-released technology that allows users to share TV segments online.

The NHL has agreed to give Sling users the right to "clip" game footage and send it to online social communities via Sling's software. The software and Slingbox are needed to capture the clip, but it can be seen by anyone. There's a time limit to the clip, but neither the NHL nor Sling will publicly disclose it.

The Clip + Sling service will become operational this year.

It's the first time that a sports league has signed a deal with Sling Media, which has a clip-sharing pact with CBS. Sling is talking with other leagues as well as film and production studios to use content on Clip + Sling.

"We've had very fruitful talks, and I'm hopeful they'll lead to agreements with the other major sports leagues," Sling Media Entertainment Group president Jason Hirschhorn said.

Hirschhorn said that despite a battle with Major League Baseball Advanced Media, others in baseball -- teams, regional sports nets and especially fans -- are interested in the capability. He said Sling Media respects copyrights; Sling and content providers don't have to be at odds.

"It complements the business already there and extends the viewer rating," Hirschhorn said.

Hirschhorn praised the NHL's tech-savvyness for the deals with Sling and other high-tech companies.

"They've been a very progressive and forward-thinking league," he said.