Barack Obama Tells NHL and Players to 'Do Right by Your Fans'

The president told a Minnesota TV interviewer he shouldn't have to intervene to end a labor dispute between "really wealthy players and even wealthier owners."

The puck stops here: Barack Obama is telling the NHL and its locked-out players to do a deal and get back on the ice.

"My message to owners and to players is, you guys make a lot of money and you make a lot of money on the backs of fans, so do right by your fans," he told WCCO-TV Minneapolis during a wide-ranging interview.

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"You can figure out how to spread out a bunch of revenue that you're bringing in, but do right by the people who support you,” the president added.

The scolding came as Obama was asked by Frank Vascellaro about the NHL lockout and whether he’d be willing to intervene to bring hockey back to wintry Minnesota.

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"I shouldn't have to be involved in a dispute between really wealthy players and even wealthier owners,” Obama answered. "They should be able to settle this themselves. And remember who it is that's putting all that money in their pockets."

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The NHL and the NHL Players Association, attempting to hammer out a new labor deal, have forced a cancellation of league games through Dec. 30.