NHL And NeuLion Build Up Digital Delivery of Live TV Hockey

Brian Babineau/NHL via Getty Images

The U.S.-based webcaster secures more subscribers and renewals for the NHL GameCenter Live service.

TORONTO – The National Hockey League has already spotlighted a North American TV ratings jump for its just-concluded 2010-11 season.

Now there’s word webcaster NeuLion managed a 31 percent jump in new subscriptions for the pro league’s NHL GameCenter Live service, which streamed just over 1,000 live NHL games this past season.

New York State-based NeuLion also secured an 83 percent rise in renewals this season, the webcaster reported Thursday.

The bump in digital delivery of NHL games comes as the hockey league looks to get its product on PCs, gaming consoles, mobile and other connected devices, and into the world market digitally beyond its North American TV footprint.

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