Nia Vardalos Backs Jennifer Aniston's Anti-Body Shaming Message

Nia Vardalos - Getty - P 2016
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

"We are more than our bodies, ladies."

Following Jennifer Aniston's scathing blog post on tabloids' constant "sports-like scrutiny" of her body, My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos has come forward in support of the actress.

While standing in for Hoda Kotb as Kathie Lee Gifford's guest co-host on Today, Vardalos stated that she empathized with Aniston, recalling similar instances where the media focused on her weight above all else.

“When I’m doing an interview for a movie, if I answer one question about my weight — one question — it will be the entire article," she says. "It will not be that I’ve written a book or that I’ve helped to get children adopted. It will not be that I like to write strong roles for women. The entire article will be, 'Her Big Fat Weight Loss.'"

Vardalos put out a call to action for magazine editors who greenlight such stories: "It’s a terrible message that we’re sending out," she said. "We are more than our bodies, ladies."

Watch Vardalos' statement below.