Niall Horan Wants You to Break Him Off a Kit Kat in His Sexy "Candy" Halloween Video

Courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden

The One Direction member teams up with the 'Late Late Show' host for a silly video featuring a series of candy come-ons.

Niall Horan dips into his giant goodie bag of chocolate-as-sex metaphors in the ridiculous Halloween spoof video "Candy" with The Late Late Show host James Corden. There's really no further setup needed for the can't-be-unseen clip the two shared on Thursday night's show.

Horan dresses up as a pirate and tells an unsuspecting suburban mom that he'll make her "Tootsie Pop" when she breaks him off a bit of her Kit Kat.

The "This Town" singer and Corden try on half a dozen costumes (Batman, ear of corn, astronaut, cow, pea pod and vampire) as they run through a mouthwatering series of candy come-ons involving everything from Jujubes to Good & Plenty and Red Hots in the thick-as-molasses funk slow jam.

Your Halloween will never be the same. Watch the video below.

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