Nicolas Cage's Biggest Troubles

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

The actor's arrest for domestic violence and disturbing the peace is just another in a long line of his issues.

Nicolas Cage was arrested early Saturday morning in New Orleans for domestic violence and disturbing the peace after fighting with his wife. It's just another issue for the troubled actor, who, in recent years, has faced:

- Tax Problems: Despite earning an estimated $40 million in 2009 (and ranking the fifth-highest paid actor at $20 million per movie, according to Forbes), he has faced a number of financial issues. In 2009, the IRS put tax liens on several of Cage's 15 properties, alleging that he owed more than $6.2 million in taxes from 2007, and $350,000 from 2002 to 2004. Cage has admitted he owes the IRS $14 million overall/

- Lawsuits: Cage is suing his business manager Samuel Levin for $20 million for mismanagement, which Levin denies.

- Criticism for His Bizarre Spending Habits: Cage owns a Caribbean island, a dinosaur skull (which he won in a bidding war against Leonardo DiCapriO), 30 to 50 cars, a zoo full of exotic pets, shrunken heads,  jewelry, and his 15 homes. aIn 1997, Cage broke the auction record for Lamborghinis when he placed a $490,000 bid on a rare Miura SVJ. "There’s a cluelessness,” someone who once worked with him tells The Daily Beast. “He’s been wealthy since he was 17 years old, and so he’s very removed from normal decision-making."

- Foreclosure: Cage lost two of his homes in New Orleans, one in Bel Air (once owned by Dean Martin and Tom Jones) and another in Las Vegas.

- Fights With Women: In addition to being arrested for fighting with his wife, Alice (mother of his son, Kal-El, named after Superman), he is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Christina Fulton, with whom he has a 20-year-old son, for fraud and beach of contract. She claims Cage inflicted "mental, physical and emotional abuse" while they were together. She also says that he bought her a home in 2001, but never titled it in her name, so she has been unable to sell it. Cage's rep calls the suit "absurd."