Nick, Joe Jonas Break Silence Following Tour Cancellation: 'Bear With Us'

Kyleen James

"Please hold while we get our shit together," tweeted Joe, suggesting that the trio is working to resolve their issues.

Sit tight, Jonas Brothers fans.

Nick and Joe Jonas broke their silence on Twitter Tuesday, days after the group deactivated its official Twitter account. Earlier this month, the trio canceled their upcoming tour citing a "deep rift" regarding the direction of their music. At the time, a source told The Hollywood Reporter that the decision came after their disagreements surrounding the release of a fifth studio album became painfully apparent.

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Aside from a canned statement issued to the press on Oct. 9, all three members -- Nick, 21, Joe, 24, and Kevin, 25 -- had remained largely silent on the topic.

"Bear with us," Nick tweeted on Tuesday, while Joe wrote: "Please hold while we get our shit together."

Kevin, who is expecting a daughter with wife Dani, has yet to chime in.

Ticket holders for the previously announced tour have been refunded as the band regroups and decides where to go next. As for the guys, "They'll sit and hash it out," THR's source previously said. "This is more of an existential question for them: What will the music sound like? What's the right look?"