Nick Jonas to release solo album

Idea for side project came during a two-week tour break

NEW YORK -- Nick Jonas might be releasing a solo album next year without any help from his siblings, but that doesn't mean the Jonas Brothers are over.

In a MySpace blog post this week entitled "WE ARE NOT BREAKING UP," the power-pop trio quelled the worst fears of its fans, which stemmed from a news report that its youngest member was branching out with a side project.

"We are so proud of our brother Nick," wrote Joe and Kevin Jonas. "We know that we will be doing music together for the rest of our lives...'A three chord strand is not easily broken,' and one thing's for sure...this three chord strand is stronger now than it's ever been."

Nick Jonas also confirmed his solo project in the message, explaining that the idea for a solo album came about six months ago, during a two-week break from the Jonas Brothers tour. "I decided to go to Nashville, TN to make a side project (Nick Jonas & The Administration) with 4 musicians -- guys that I had met and worked with before," explained the youngest Jonas brother.

"Anything we do outside of the group is a side project because you can't break up brothers," he added. "We are already planning another world tour AS THE JONAS BROTHERS next summer, and it is all thanks to our amazing fans."

Fears that the Jonas Brothers might break up first surfaced when mother Denise Jonas broke the news about a Nick Jonas solo album to ""Nick is working on a solo act -- it's called Nick Jonas and The Administration," she dished. "Shhh! He's at the photo shoot for the album cover right now."

"We are thrilled for you to hear these songs that were on his heart," said Kevin and Joe Jonas. "They are amazing works of art from an amazing talent...our brother. We will see you later this year, next year, and hopefully for the rest of our lives."