Nick Kroll: Why 'I May Destroy You' Is the Show Everyone Wishes They Made

Courtesy of HBO; Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Left: Lauren-Joy Williams, Jay Lycurgo and Danielle Vitalis in 'I May Destroy You.' Above: Multihyphenate Michaela Coel, whose series was one of the most critically acclaimed of 2020.

The creator and star of 'Big Mouth' shares his favorite episode of the HBO series from writer-director-star Michaela Coel: She creates all these "shades of gray and the ripple effect of those moments on the people."

"This show is one of those shows that everyone refers to [when talking] about the kind of show they want to make. It is such a clear thematic conversation, and no matter what character you are following, it still supports this conversation about consent and control. I also think what is so powerful about the show is how much she does not paint herself as a hero. And how fallible all the characters are. I loved the flashback episode to them in high school, where you see the origin of so much of what's going on with these characters, and it also paints such a beautiful picture of the gray areas that fall inside so many of these encounters. The shades of gray and all these incredibly challenging moments of people's lives and the ripple effect of those moments on the people and those around them. And Michaela Coel somehow manages to tell these incredibly dark difficult stories, and yet still has a light touch — finding real humor and pathos and empathy inside these really complicated stories."

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