Nick Nolte Attends 'Gangster Squad' Premiere in Bizarre Yellow Robe

Nick Nolte Gangster Squad Premiere Yellow Robe - P 2013
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Nick Nolte Gangster Squad Premiere Yellow Robe - P 2013

Well, he certainly knows how to makes an entrance.

Did Nick Nolte set his alarm?

Because it appears as if he just rolled out of bed, threw on this weird yellow robe and then walked the red carpet for the premiere of his new movie, Gangster Squad, having slept through a wardrobe fitting with no time to make himself spiffy.

No, he looks like Jean Valjean's troubled twin after a particularly rough night out with the Thenardiers.

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Either way, Nolte knows how to make an entrance. The beret-sporting runner-up to Joaquin Phoenix in the category of Eccentric Actors Who Don't Look in the Mirror Before Leaving the House co-stars alongside Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin in Ruben Fleischer's Mafia drama, out Friday.

To be fair, Penn arrived at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood looking super-casual and just-woke-up in jeans and a navy leather jacket.

Meanwhile, Gosling managed to pull off a three-piece suit in the most unflattering hue of putrid brown, pairing it with studded black shoes and a black tie like a hipster Gatsby.

No word on whether Nolte disrobed inside.

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