Nick Offerman Celebrates Father's Day With Equally Talkative Dad

Courtesy of Lagavulin

The actor's latest whisky ad speaks volumes without saying much at all.

Nick Offerman is no stranger to sitting in stoic silence, and it turns out his behavior runs in the family.

The actor's latest commercial for his "My Tales of Whisky" Lagavulin series is a special Father's Day ad highlighting the engaging conversations sons and fathers have with each other.

"What do my dad and I like to talk about on Father's Day?" Nick asks in the introduction to the commercial. "Everything."

The video features Nick and his father, Ric Offerman, fishing on a lake. They discuss whether a nearby valley oak tree would make a better bench, stool or chair. They laugh hysterically, and woodworker Nick reveals he built a bridge yesterday. Their entire conversation happens without them uttering a single word.

Watch below.