Nick Offerman Creates a Holiday Bunker in Latest 'Whisky' Videos

Nick Offerman's Holiday Bunker - H 2015
Courtesy of YouTube/My Tales of Whisky Official

The 'Parks and Recreation' alum also gives fans a look at all of his whiskey-scented products.

Nick Offerman is ready for the holidays in his latest batch of "My Tales of Whisky" videos, sponsored by liquor company Diageo.

In one of the videos, Offerman shows off the holiday bunker he's prepared for when the big crowds and socializing get to be too overwhelming. "If you're anything like me, you'll head straight for safety," Offerman says.

His essentials include books, a pair of dry socks, dry boxers and plenty of Lagavulin.

Offerman's videos also have him revealing his old family recipe. Hint: It involves one bottle of Oban. In the third new video, the Parks and Recreation actor is eager to display all of his whiskey-scented products that, unfortunately, are not yet sold anywhere, despite Offerman's efforts.

Here's a look at Offerman's first whiskey video for this holiday season, released last week: