Nick Offerman Gives Stephen Colbert a Coffee Table, Participates in 'Late Show' Community Calendar Segment

"I'll thank you to use a coaster," the actor and woodworker said of his handcrafted place for guests to rest their drinks.

Nick Offerman came to The Late Show bearing a gift for Stephen Colbert.

The actor and woodworker made Colbert a coffee table for his guests to use. Offerman described his handcrafted table and mentioned he sells his pieces on his company's website,

"That will work perfectly," he said as he sat on the chair behind his table. "I'll thank you to use a coaster."

"Here, you can use the questions I was going to ask you," said Colbert, handing over his paper.

The duo also compared boats they'd made and Colbert was insulted when he showed off a photo of his boat and the audience laughed. "I feel very attacked," said the host. "The nice thing about a boat is we can paddle away from these sons of bitches," said Offerman.

The two also returned to the cable-access format Colbert had fun with when he hosted an episode of Michigan's Only in Monroe, reading the "Community Calendar" listings for Offerman's hometown of Minooka, Ill.