Nick Offerman Sips Whisky Alone to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Lagavulin Commercial

Nick Offerman Whisky — H 2016
Courtesy of Lagavulin

Offerman has another festive, silent holiday ad for his fans.

Nick Offerman offers up an opportunity to celebrate New Year's Eve with him in a new hourlong video for Lagavulin.

In the latest installment of Offerman's "My Tales of Whisky" series, Offerman sits in front of a Scottish New Year's Eve party at 11:00 p.m., with his bottle of single malt scotch whisky to accompany him. He pours himself a glass and then stares at the camera for a full hour, as the party gets more crowded and energetic behind him.

The partygoers countdown to midnight and as fireworks explode in the background, Offerman continues to gaze relentlessly into the camera. He then downs his whisky with a hint of a smile and leaves his chair.

Last December, Offerman released a series of videos for the liquor company, including one where he sat in front of a yule log for 45 uninterrupted minutes. For Father's Day, the actor had a riveting conversation with his dad while fishing.