The 'Bachelor' Franchise Loves This Frat-Favorite Trunks Brand

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Makes sense.

With his flashy floral tie and penchant for patterned suits, we had Nick Viall pegged early on to be the best-dressed Bachelor in franchise history. 

However, as Viall's journey to find true love grows more, um, intense, his sense of style seems to have become drowned in the same sea of leather jackets, desert boots and flannels to which every other Bachelor eventually succumbs. 

Ah, but Viall (and franchise stylist Cary Fetman) must have heard our cries for something other than a gray/dark gray/darker gray henley! On Instagram Monday evening, Fetman teased a photo of ABC's most eligible man (behind Chris Harrison, of course) from next week's episode in a pair of red, white, blue and turquoise swim trunks by frat-boy favorite brand, Chubbies. 


@nickviall in @chubbies swim deciding his life's journey. Jump or step in? #bachelor @bachelor_nation

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Anyone who graduated from college within the last six years will fondly recall Chubbies as the neon short shorts brand worn proudly by fraternity brothers in peak bro mode. Muscle tanks bearing frat letters, Sperry top sliders, a pair of wayfarer shades (usually a branded, neon pair given out for free by on-campus groups) and a red solo cup completed the uniform that was required attire for all frattiest of occasions: From rooftop barbecues to football games to spring break treks to Cabo. 

"We believe in the right your quads have to a life of freedom and sunshine," reads the mission statement of the San Francisco-based brand, which was founded in 2011. "We DO NOT believe in the top button — well, we believe it EXISTS, but we don’t believe in the principle for which it stands." Masculinity, America and dads are favorite motifs for the brand, which recently expanded into ladies swimwear.

There is also a page on the Chubbies website dedicated entirely to the various styles that have appeared on The Bachelor, as well as a page just for dad jokes (we weren't kidding about their obsession with all things dads).

But Viall — who was also just announced to be following in the footsteps of Bachelor predecessor Chris Soules as the newest Dancing With the Stars contestant — is not the only franchise star to don the short shorts. Robby Hayes, runner-up on season 12 of the Bachelorette, packed a pineapple printed pair of his own to wear during a cliff-diving trip to Uruguay with Jojo Fletcher. This all makes sense, in a way, considering Hayes was also that guy who wore his scarlet-and-gold fraternity pledge class tie to a rose ceremony. 

Oh, and for those inquiring minds, Viall's trunks — called "The Gazillionaires" — are still available online for $60.