Nickelodeon Greenlights First Project From Comic-Con Open Call

Cupcakery of Doom - H 2014
Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Cupcakery of Doom - H 2014

'Cupcakery of Doom' was first pitched in San Diego in July

Nickelodeon has ordered the first project from its first open call at Comic-Con.

The Viacom-owned kids' cable network has greenlighted animated project Cupercakery of Doom, created by writer-cartoonist Trevor Reece of Eureka, Calif. Cupcakery is billed as a comedic story about two nefarious friends — a bear and a mouse — with designs on taking over the world.

Cupcakery will be developed into an animated short and, as part of Nickelodeon's Animated Shorts Program, will have the chance to air on the network, appear on the website and Nick app or be developed into a longform animated TV series.

“We loved Trevor’s clever angle and adorable characters, but overall, Cupcakery just made us laugh,” said Jenna Boyd, senior vp animation development at Nickelodeon. “Trevor is a life-long Nick fan who told us he actually sent in a story idea to our very own Stick Stickly when he was a kid back in the '90s, so we had a hunch he understood our sensibility.”

Added Boyd: “It was a grueling and gratifying three-day open call, and everyone who pitched us was talented and passionate. They had terrific ideas and stories to tell. Besides Trevor, there are some people we met whom we will have continuing relationships with, possibly to join our production teams or talk further about their concepts and ideas.”

Development executives are said to be continuing conversations with several other writers, who were among the more than 100 pitches heard at the July event.

Recently, Nickelodeon ordered 13 episodes of The Loud House through the Animated Shorts Program.

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