Nicki Minaj Shows Off (Possible) Engagement Ring on Instagram

Nicki Minaj - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

Damn, girl. Diamonds on fleek.

Subtlety isn't really Nicki Minaj's thing. 

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The "Anaconda" singer posted a photo on Instagram Wednesday evening of a massive, heart-shaped (engagement?) ring on her fabulously manicured left hand, captioned only with emojis, which included hearts, a diamond, a ring and — a true favorite — the monkey with its hands over its eyes.


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The 32-year-old singer's rock was first spotted in an Instagram posted on Tuesday evening, showing Minaj and her boyfriend/possible fiance Meek Mill, also a rapper, casually leaning up against a sleek matte black sports car with the caption, "Those Miami nights."


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After followers commented on Minaj's bold choice in accessories, the singer tweeted the ring, heart and diamond emojis, followed by "I'll post it later." 

Though Minaj has yet to confirm or deny the engagement, her emoji-laden messages seem pretty clear. So unless she has decided just to play dress up with diamonds — which is also a believable scenario — we're sending our congratulations (or major dress-up envy) to the rapper!