Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go on "Dinner Date" to Red Lobster

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

Minaj revealed that she had been fired by three or four Red Lobsters before making it as a rapper during the 'Tonight Show' segment.

Nicki Minaj joined Jimmy Fallon on an outing to Red Lobster on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

While Fallon had never been to the chain restaurant, Minaj previously worked at a number of Red Lobsters and was "fired by all three or four of them."

The two began the "dinner date" by ordering Lobsteritas. Minaj confirmed that Fallon was paying the bill before she suggested that they pretend they were on a blind date. "I'm really having a good time tonight," joked Fallon. "I like the Lobsterita, but I like the view even more."

When the server brought over the cheddar bay biscuits, Minaj talked Fallon through the appetizer. "This is handmade by a bunch of African people in the back," she said. Minaj then taught Fallon how to properly toast with their biscuits.

After the two looked through the menu, the server brought out a table full of dishes. The first food they tried was fried shrimp, which Fallon joked he was choking on. Minaj hit his back before he spit out the shrimp and declared, "You saved my life."

For their next round of food, Minaj and Fallon put their bibs on before the rapper taught him how to properly crack a lobster. As Minaj struggled to crack the shell, Fallon said, "Wow, I can't believe you got fired."

Minaj later explained why she got fired from Red Lobster. "I walked up to this lady. Her and her boyfriend had walked out of the restaurant and they took my pen and they didn't tip me," she said. "I walked to the car. I banged on the car window and I said, 'Give me my pen.'" She then gave the couple the middle finger, which caused her manager to fire her on the spot.

In honor of Minaj's return to Red Lobster, Fallon suggested that she seek redemption by acting as a server. The two put on uniforms and grabbed dishes to take to the customers.

"This reminds me of when I was in college because I also had muscles and I had crabs once," said Fallon as he carried plates of mussels and crab.

While Minaj bonded with customers from her home island of Trinidad, Fallon drank one customer's rum and Coke in a single sip. The host continued to act unprofessional as he took a bite of a customer's uneaten biscuit. The two later criticized another customer who chose to eat his biscuit with a knife and fork to prevent his hands from getting dirty.

The segment concluded with Fallon rewarding Minaj for her hard work with a Red Lobster black card, which gives her free biscuits for life. "This is the nicest thing anyone's ever given me," she said. Fallon also gave the rapper a pen, which he claimed was the same pen that caused her to be fired.

Watch the full segment below.