Want a Booty Like Nicki Minaj? Here's How to Get the Perfect Butt Crease

Nicki Minaj - Getty - S 2016
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Nicki Minaj - Getty - S 2016

Here are the three steps for a toned cuff, courtesy of celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer.

Nicole Winhoffer, 31, has trained some of the most famous faces (and backsides) in music including Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. The creator of the NW Method, an unconventional workout that combines Winhoffer's knowledge of the body, dance, sports science and Eastern practices, has traveled on tour with singers and has prepped their bodies for Super Bowl appearances.

"Whether the workout is an hour or 90 minutes, my clients never stop moving," says Winhoffer, who has brought her classes to New York's Bandier's Studio B and The Standard High Line.

The trainer's specialty, though, remains the booty. While some strive for the perfect curve, a three-step move of hers that can be added to home workouts and completed in sets focuses on defining "the cuff" — that is, the crease where one's lower derriere meets the upper thigh.

BOOTY MASTER: Nicole Winhoffer (Photo: Courtesy of Adidas by Stella McCartney)

Repeat these three steps for a toned cuff:

1. Prop the leg

On a yoga mat, get down on all fours. Take the heel of the right foot and prop it out to the side so that the leg is perpendicular to where the left knee rests.

2. Pulse the leg

Press the leg back and upward like you're taking the sole of the foot and lifting it up to the ceiling. Gently arch the back as you do this.

3. Tap the heel and repeat

Lower the foot in the same motion, smacking the heel into the ground once it returns to your side. Repeat this set 32 times to the count of eight, alternating sides.

Illustrations by Chris Philpot

This article originally appeared in the July 30 issue of Billboard.