Nicki Minaj's New Pepsi Commercial Features Cameo By Designer Betsey Johnson

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The singer's first commercial for the "Live for Now" ad campaign hits the web and airs on TV.

Nicki Minaj gives a big wink at the end of Pepsi’s "Live for Now" commercial campaign. The fascinating video features a Pepsi-swigging couple who move through various frozen scenarios, including a beach and a New York fashion show, ending up onstage with Minaj performing a remix of her hit song “Moment 4 Life.” 

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Minaj, who recently took a nine-day hiatus from Twitter, tweeted today about the premiere of her extended cut video. In another tweet, she wrote: "Yes!! the best one:) RT @BillboardNika: RT@Rawh: The 30-sec Nicki Minaj Pepsi commercial that's aired on TV."

Minaj has reason to be excited. Her lucrative deal with Pepsi is a reported seven figures and includes an international commercial and a gig as the face of new natural soda, Pop, out later this year. 

If you look closely during the scene in the Pepsi commercial, you can spot designer Betsey Johnson sitting in the front row at the fashion show. Coincidence? Hardly.

Johnson partnered with Pepsi on its "Skinny" campaign at her recent New York fashion show of “better-priced” designs that featured 50 models of all shapes and sizes. The self-proclaimed "Pepsi Girl" explained the concept and the skinny Diet Pepsi link.

“This season the better-priced collection is shown on 50 of my girls who are all shapes and sizes. And I’ve always supported feeling good and liking your body. It’s your home, be happy. I’ve been just the opposite of skinny, skinny models. But I like the skinny can. It’s easier to hold, and it gets less cold. It’s lighter, now! And the skinny thing – I think it’s in fun. I think skinny or fat is in your mind.”

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Check out the new Pepsi commercial and Johnson's runway show (and keep an eye out for Barney's style expert Simon Doonan too) after which Johnson does her trademark runway show finale cartwheel. The woman is 69 years young. Amazing.