When Rumors Are True: Nicola Formichetti Appointed Artistic Director of Diesel

Rick Genest Nicola Formichetti - P 2012

Rick Genest Nicola Formichetti - P 2012

Days after leaving Mugler, Lady Gaga's stylist gets a new home at the edgy Italian denim label -- could meat jeans be in our future?

We heard rumblings that Nicola Formichetti, the man who put Lady Gaga in a meat dress, was heading to Diesel after vacating his head post at Mugler earlier this week. 

Turns out, it's true. 

The Italian label known for denim and a similar degree of shock, awe and head scratching (a 2008 ad campaign fittingly featured a puppet made of meat), has tapped the super stylist to "be the commander-in-chief of the brave army that will spread Diesel’s marching orders far and wide," according to a brand statement. 

Not only will Formichetti, 35, oversee Diesel's design, communications and interior design, but he'll be charged with giving the company a complete makeover by way of the "Reboot Project," which will "live in the unruly, uncivilized, all-access zone of Tumblr," says the company. Currently, dieselreboot.tumblr.com reads like a Formichetti-made mood board, with images of bugs, art, robots and a slew of prerequisite animated GIFs. Most interesting about the Tumblr is that a faux rally-the-troops e-mail "from" Formichetti to "The World" was posted almost a week before the official hiring announcement was made. 

"We're going to reboot! Hit refresh," says the designer in his official announcement. "That's our first project: we're ripping apart everything to re-build something bigger. I want the creative young people around the world to be a part of the process." 

We wish Formichetti well at his new post, and hope his office comes with a decent-sized fridge for all of that beef.