Nicolas Cage Altercation Detailed by GQ Editor

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

He magazine editor alleges New Orleans police had been called once before on the actor.

Nicolas Cage's early-morning Saturday arrest wasn't the first time he's caused a scene in New Orleans.

During Mardi Gras this year, the actor drunkenly interrupted diners at the Big Easy's Stella! restaurant, GQ editor in chief Jim Nelson details in the magazine's May issue.

There to have dinner with friends, Nelson spotted Cage wearing "rings the size of iguana heads" talking to a couple at the bar.

"Gimme your card. I want your card! How do I get in contact with you?" Cage was screaming to them, according to Nelson. "GIVE ME YOUR DIGITS!!!"

Nelson says somebody from the restaurant explained that Cage had just had "an altercation" with his wife and their 5-year-old son, Kal-el (named after Superman), causing them to leave. Cage decided to stay by himself.

The couple was showing Cage photos of their Latino-American kids, causing him to shout, ""Now, that's AMERICA!" and order more drinks.

A waiter appeared with rare wines: one was a  '59 Château Latour ($6,000 for the bottle) and the second was a '82 Mouton Rothschild ($3,500). The actor, who at one point owned 15 homes (two in New Orleans that were recently foreclosed) before facing financial problems, shouted, "Now, come on! Give me something more RRRRREAL!"

As Nelson sat down with his dinner companions, he "could still see Cage literally bouncing off the walls, spilling vino down his sleeve, as if he were performing Leaving Las Vegas: The Musical for some perverse dinner theater," he writes.

Cage then stood at the front of the dining room. "Where's the REAL girls?" he yelled before repeating it again, louder. He spotted two women dining. To the brunette, he said, "You. You're a contender." To the blonde, he said, "You're not." (He ignored the men at the table.)

A manager and several staffers then tried to escort Cage out of the restaurant, but he resisted, holding on to the door to stay inside. He punched his hand through a glass panel in the door, shattering it everywhere.

"You LOVE ME!" he shouted.

Police were called, but he was taken home with a warning, and not arrested, Nelson says.