Nicolas Cage Returns Stolen Dinosaur Skull to Mongolian Government

Nicolas Cage

The free-spending actor lost four homes to foreclosure (in Bel-Air, Las Vegas and two properties in New Orleans). He then sued his business manager for $20 million for allegedly leading him down a path to bankruptcy.

Cage bought the Tyrannosaurus bataar skull for $276,000 from a Beverly Hills gallery in 2007.

Nicolas Cage is returning a rare, stolen dinosaur skull to the people of Mongolia.

Reuters reports that the Oscar-winning actor has agreed to voluntarily hand over the Tyrannosaurus bataar skull to U.S. authorities to pass on to the Mongolian government. 

Cage bought the skull for $276,000 from Beverly Hills gallery I.M. Chait in 2007. According to news reports at the time, he outbid fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio for the fossil.

Though he received a certificate of authentication upon purchase, the Department of Homeland Security contacted Cage in July 2014 to let him know that the skull might have been stolen. Following an investigation that determined it had indeed been taken out of Mongolia illegally, Cage agreed to return it, the actor's publicist Alex Schack told Reuters.

Cage and the gallery are not accused of any wrongdoing.