Nicolas Sarkozy story heading to TV

Endemol France picks up rights to adapt novel

PARIS -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy will soon rule the small screen as well, with Endemol France's fiction subsidiary set to adapt a novel based on the president's romantic life.

Endemol Fiction, topped by Nora Melhli, said Thursday that it has snagged audiovisual adaptation rights to Valerie Benaim and Yves Azeroual's book "Carla et Nicolas: La veritable histoire" (Carla and Nicolas: The Real Story), which explores Sarkozy's public love affair with former model and pop star Carla Bruni.

Endemol's Gallic fiction arm is rapidly expanding its production plans, with adaptations of Mickael Darmon and Yves Derai's "Ruptures," Akli Tadjer's "Once Upon a Time ... Maybe Not" and political story "The Yann Piat Affair."

The subsidiary's first docu-fiction "L'arbre de Mai" (The May Tree), based on Edouard Balladur's novel, aired on France 3 and France 5 in May.