Nicole Byer on Her New Facebook Watch Show, and Why She's "Tired of Trump" on 'SNL'

Loosely based on Byer’s life in her early 20s, Facebook's 'Loosely, Exactly Nicole' is about “a lady who makes a lot of mistakes but is still lovable,” she says.

Nicole Byer stopped by The Hollywood Reporter to discuss her new Facebook show, Loosely, Exactly Nicole, which she says is “loosely” based on her life in New York in her early 20s.

Describing the concept of the show, Byers said, “I spent a lot of time saying, ‘I’m going to be an actress, but I’m going to drink all night and mess up and not go to work.’ So it’s just a lady who makes a lot of mistakes but is still lovable.”

While Byer has had a successful career as a comedian, she revealed that she once auditioned for Saturday Night Live. After detailing her experience, she told THR, “I had the best time auditioning. I wasn’t nervous because I was like, ‘I’m not going to get this.’ And then they didn’t hire anyone that year.”

Byer admits that while she doesn’t keep up with SNL, she does think “the last season was really great. But now it’s like, I’m tired of Trump. I don’t want to hear about him no more. Can we have a president that’s OK?”

She jokes, “Just somebody who’s not up at 3 a.m. on his toilet tweeting. Just a president that sleeps.”