Nicole Byer and Michael Douglas Judge 'Nailed It!'-Inspired Competition

The Late Late Show CBS-Nicole Byer, Michael Douglas and James Corden-Publicity Still-H 2019
Sonja Flemming

Three staff members on 'The Late Late Show' competed to make a cake that best resembled host James Corden.

James Corden took advantage of guest Nicole Byer's role as the host of Netflix's reality competition show Nailed It! by having Byer and fellow guest Michael Douglas join the host in judging a competition inspired by the baking show on Thursday's Late Late Show.

The host opened the segment by explaining that three staff members on the late-night show competed to see who could best replicate a cake made by professional bakers in one hour. The professional cake, which was decorated to look like Corden, was then brought out.

Pre-recorded clips showed the competitors making their cakes earlier in the day. Writer Lawrence thought he'd "do okay," saying, "I don't have much baking experience. I can microwave a pretty mean ramen."

Fellow writer Olivia said that she once made really good cookies "with help from my mom."

Music associate producer Jenna was the final contestant. "I'm gonna win, and if I don't win, I'm probably not coming in tomorrow," she said.

Both Olivia and Lawrence noted that Jenna was very competitive, though Lawrence remained confident that he would win. "I don't know if they have what it takes to make it in Hell's Kitchen," he said. "That's what the show is, right?"

Following their hourlong prep time, the staff members revealed their cakes to the judges.

Jenna was the first competitor to show off her cake. "It looks like you were shot and your head is like leaving your body and that's the blood," Byer said about the cake's red tie.

The competitor then explained what she did, which included spending too much time on the cake's body and a mishap in which the cake's chin fell off. "The hair is exactly right," she said of the bright yellow top, which Douglas jokingly agreed about.

Lawrence was the next competitor to show his cake, which included large, round cheeks. "I look like I'm allergic to myself," noted Corden. Douglas added, "You either have implants or elephantiasis." Byer said that the large cheeks resembled a scrotum and that the forehead was "a little prehistoric."

The writer said that the cake looked a bit like Matt Damon. "You and Matt Damon share similar—," he said, trailing off as he tried to justify the inspiration for the cake.

After judging Lawrence's cake, Corden said, "I never thought I'd be saying this, but Jenna, well done."

Olivia concluded the competition by showing off her cake, which featured a distorted face without a mouth or nose. "It looks like the cake murdered me and is wearing my face as a suit," said Corden.

Byer said that the cake looked like a character on the animated show Doug, while Corden responded that he looked "like a character from anybody's nightmare." Douglas added, "It looks like somebody sat on you."

Following the critique of Olivia's cake, Byer and Douglas had to choose a winner. "This is tough. They're all delightful and terrifying in their own way," Byer said.

The two judges took a moment to discuss the cakes before they revealed that the winner was Jenna.

Byer shot fake money at Jenna before Corden announced that her real prize was the professionally made cake. "You'll be back on Monday," he told Jenna, before joking, "Lawrence, Olivia, it's been wonderful working with you."

Watch the full segment below.