Nicole Kidman Writes a Secret Message to Jimmy Fallon in "73 Questions" Video

The actress also reveals her nickname, her favorite curse word, her spirit animal and what Hollywood is really like.

Nicole Kidman welcomed Vogue into her Australian farmhouse for a "73 Questions" interview.

The actress revealed her nickname is "pool shark," said she hopes texting doesn't exist in 100 years and said her spirit animal is an otter. She "truly" loves country music, would want be a cancer-curing scientist if she had another career and got candid and sincere about the joys and sadness of motherhood.

What does Kidman think Hollywood is really like? "It's small, we kind of all know each other," she said. In another honest moment, after getting eggs from her chicken coop, she said she's been feeling "pretty raw" lately because she's been through a lot.

Kidman was asked to write down a secret to someone special on a kangaroo postcard. She jotted down a message to Jimmy Fallon, keeping their innocent flirtation going and sealing it with a Nicole Kidman stamp.

Watch below to see her answer all of the questions, and to get a look at her Tweety bird impression.