Nicole Kidman Criticized by Flight Attendants Group Over Ad for "Abhorrent" Airline

Nicole Kidman
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“I hope every month that I’m pregnant, but I never am. … I’m 47. It won’t happen.”
— The actress, revealing that she badly wants to have a third child with husband Keith Urban.

The actress is the face of Etihad Airways, the state-owned air carrier of the United Arab Emirates.

Nicole Kidman is facing ire from flight attendants over her new role as the face of Etihad Airways.

Kidman, who has served as the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for women since 2006, recently began appearing in an ad campaign for the airlines, which is owned by the United Arab Emirates.

In a statement, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants has criticized Kidman for her association with the company, citing reports that Etihad has fired women for becoming pregnant and forces flight attendants to live in confined compounds.

"We urge you, on behalf of the women and girls that you spoke of so eloquently [on International Women's Day], not to play a part in promoting Etihad Airways, a company that imposes abusive labor practices on its female employees and whose sole owner is a government that stands against the very world that you imagine," the statement reads.

The message also referred to a Business Insider article, which alleges that UAE husbands are allowed to beat their wives and that there is no punishment for marital rape. 

"The APFA — a union that represents 25,000 flight attendants, including nearly 19,000 female crewmembers — has long been a leading voice on the issue of discriminatory labor practices in our industry," the group continued. "We would gladly welcome your voice to our effort."

In responding to the allegations, the airlines said in a statement that it is inundated with job applications from prospective employees. "Our commitment to the welfare, safety and well-being of the diverse group of men and women who have worked so hard to make Etihad Airways great is one of our airline’s top priorities," the statement reads, according to Arabian Business

Kidman's rep did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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