Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon Have Another Awkward Interview About Their Missed Romance

This time around, Keith Urban joins in and they all play a game of "jinx challenge."

Nicole Kidman returned to The Tonight Show to have another hilarious, cringe-worthy interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The actress again brought up how Fallon missed his opportunity to date her and Fallon got flustered as they chatted. In the beginning of the interview, Fallon would gaze longingly at Kidman as she talked and "Dream Weaver" played in the background. When the bit was over, Kidman surprised Fallon by telling him there was more to the story than they had discussed at her prior visit.

She recalled when Fallon and Kidman were at director David Fincher's house years ago, when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were still together.

"You could have asked for my number then because it was Round 2. Well, second chance and you still didn’t ask for it," said Kidman. "And you know that’s true."

Fallon struggled to remember what she was talking about. "That’s even more offensive that you don’t remember. Do you remember the kitchen and the buffet? Do you?" said Kidman.

She said her agent had told her Fallon would be at the party and that maybe he could ask for her number that time. "We were lurking in the kitchen, everyone went out and I’m like, waiting and waiting and waiting, and you’re at the buffet, and this is so true and you know it, and you still didn’t ask for my number. So, you are so not interested. It’s okay.”

Fallon sputtered about how Kidman was way out of his league and just as they were starting to change the subject, Keith Urban came out to join Kidman, playing "Dream Weaver" on his guitar. The trio talked about Fallon possibly visiting Kidman and Urban's home in Nashville, as Kidman teasingly sat in her husband's lap.

“Actually I feel quite safe," said Urban “Because you have no problem ignoring my wife in the kitchen, apparently."

The comedy continued as Kidman and Fallon started to play "jinx challenge" and had Urban join in. The three of them had to call out specific items in a category at the same time and see who said the same thing at the same time. It made for multiple jokes when Kidman and Fallon jinxed without Urban. 

Kidman sat in Urban's lap during the game and kept goading him to jinx with her. She said she really didn't like it when Fallon and her husband said the same word, laughing and playing up the awkwardness.