Nicole Kidman Wants Colin Firth for S.J. Watson Thriller

Nicole Kidman Colin Firth - P 2012
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Nicole Kidman Colin Firth - P 2012

The pair play a married couple in "The Railway Man," and Kidman's seeking a reprise in forthcoming "Before I Go to Sleep."

This story first appeared in the Nov. 23 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Millions consider Colin Firth the perfect fantasy husband, and Nicole Kidman is among them.

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The pair just completed the World War II drama The Railway Man, in which they play a married couple. But once is not enough.

THR hears Kidman wants to reprise the relationship in her next project, an adaptation of S.J. Watson's thriller Before I Go to Sleep, featuring an amnesiac wife whose husband must reintroduce himself each morning.

If you had to wake up with a stranger every morning, why not Firth?