Nicole Kidman Wears White Lace As Global Ambassador of Swisse Energy Products

Nicole Kidman Swisse Ambassador Headshot - P 2012
Getty Images

Nicole Kidman Swisse Ambassador Headshot - P 2012

The star, who also appears for Chanel perfume and luxury watches, is part of the Australian brand's upcoming push into new markets around the world.

With her hair twisted up like a Gibson girl and wearing a gorgeous, high-necked white lace dress, Nicole Kidman looks like she's prepping to play some sort of Victorian lady in a period movie here, doesn't she? Or like she's guesting on Downton Abbey?

But in fact, this is part of her new ad campaign as global ambassador of the Australian brand's new push, which will include the American market in January 2013.

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Swisse isn't Swiss at all - it's Australian protein powder and protein bars that claim to up one's energy. After the U.S. rollout, the product will turn up in the U.K., Europe and Asia - and Kidman's image, as the biggest Australian star in the world, will certainly be an asset here. We're not sure how the look of this ad campaign plays into this, though.

The next step will be Kidman shooting a worldwide commercial for the brand.