Nicolle Wallace Averts 'View' Exit Reports, Proves She's Fluent in Kardashian

Nicolle Wallace - H 2015

"I just want everyone to know that even I have a line that can't be crossed," Wallace said. "Don't ever dis my Kardashian knowledge."

On Thursday's The View, Nicolle Wallace addressed Wednesday's reports that she had been ousted as a co-host on the ABC talk show after just one season. She didn't confirm or deny that she would no longer be a regular panelist, but she did respond to a criticism in one of the reports, which she said "crossed a line."

After being labeled as "Kardashian illiterate," Wallace took a few minutes to shoot down that claim by rattling off info about the reality TV family.

"Kris, a while ago, married Robert. They have four beautiful children. In 2003 he died tragically of cancer. He left behind Rob, who was on Dancing With The Stars a few years back. He did great, lost a lot of weight, but he doesn't do much in the public eye. They had Kourtney. She's with Scott [Disick]. He's such a douche bag, even I knew that wouldn't last. They have three kids. Khloe was with Lamar [Odom]. They had their own TV show. The marriage and the show are now off the air. Kim: The world rejoiced when Kim's 15-minute marriage to Kris Humphries ended and she fell in love with Kanye. The other gift to the world is their child North — North by Northwest? Something like that — and her butt."

As the audience and her co-hosts laughed and applauded, Wallace insisted she have the chance to show off more of her knowledge.

"Wait, I know more. An injustice has been perpetrated on me," she said. "Kris also fell in love again. She married Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn, the world's most famous person and the most beautiful women I've ever seen."

In conclusion, Wallace advised critics, "I just want everyone to know that even I have a line that can't be crossed. Don't ever dis my Kardashian knowledge."

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg did allude to reports of Wallace's ouster, saying, "If that was the way to get off this bad boy, I'd have been gone ages ago. I know nothing about the Kardashians. They're very nice people I'm sure. I don't care. They don't pay my rent, don't do jack for me."

Rosie Perez also chimed in, insisting Wallace knows more about the Kardashians than she does, before seriously adding, "I just want people to understand, you demand respect, and I respect the hell out of you."

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday that Wallace will be leaving the daytime talk show as a full-time co-host but has been offered a slot as one of several rotating co-hosts.

If she does depart, Wallace would be the third and final co-host to leave after being added this season in a massive overhaul. Rosie O'Donnell, who returned to the show this season, left in February. And Rosie Perez is leaving after The View's season ends in August.

Goldberg is expected to return next year as are new co-hosts Raven-Symone and Michelle Collins, who have just been hired in the past month.