'Claws' Star Niecy Nash on Representing Women of a "Certain Age" on TV: "We Are Still Vibrant"

"We're still vibrant, full, sexy, fun, funny and all of those things. That’s a good thing," Nash told the Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s a story about women who love each other, and it’s a story about women who are taking their rightful place. They’re getting out from underneath the thumb of men, and we’re doing badass things that typically have only been reserved for men, for the most part, in television,” Niecy Nash told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio about her TNT drama Claws.

“If you watch the Breaking Bads of the world, or The Sopranos of the world, you could say, ‘Guys do that,’ but now you get an opportunity to see women do that,” she said.

“Be unapologetic about who they are, when it comes to sexy and sexuality. When it comes to sisterhood, some of the relationships are complicated and challenged, but they genuinely love each other and all work toward the common goal of taking care of each other.”

Nash also explained that besides showing women standing for themselves and stepping into roles that haven’t been portrayed by a female on television, the cast represents a group of women that often get overlooked: “Not to mention the fact that most of us on the show are women of a ‘certain age.’ We are still vibrant and full and sexy and fun and funny and all of those things. That’s a good thing.”

Watch the video above to hear Nash talk about the "haunting" second season, Desna's relationship with Dr. Gregory and more. 

Claws airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on TNT.