Nielsen debuts TotalWeb

A new cross-platform Internet measurement service

The mobile Web can extend the audience reach of leading Internet sites by an average of 13% over home computer traffic, according to Nielsen TotalWeb, a new cross-platform Internet measurement service launched Thursday.

TotalWeb integrates data from Nielsen Mobile and Nielsen Online to report total Internet audiences for over 200 Internet sites across PC and mobile networks. Nielsen, the parent of Brandweek, collects the TotalWeb data using a survey of active mobile Internet users. The data is intended to show how mobile traffic increased Internet audiences.

The first report released by TotalWeb found that in some categories, like weather and entertainment, the audience reach extended by the mobile Web is even greater than 13%. For example, many consumers access weather-oriented Web sites, such as, on their cell phones instead of their home PCs.

The weather and entertainment categories saw a 22% lift (increase through mobile traffic) from consumers who accessed the sites on their phones rather than their home PCs. Games and music sites saw a 15% lift, followed by e-mail (11%), sports (10%), business/finance (4%), social networking (3%), search (2%) and shopping (1%).

"The data demonstrates that the mobile Internet can not only increase the frequency of visits to a Web site, but also grow the overall piece of the pie," said Jeff Herrmann, vp-Mobile Media Nielsen Mobile, in a written statement. "Publishers can now monetize their total cross-platform audience and advertisers will better understand the efficiency and incremental value of mobile Web traffic."

According to Nielsen, 87 million cell phone users in the U.S. subscribe to services provided on the mobile Web and 13.7% actively use the mobile Web each month.