Nielsen service rates placement


NEW YORK -- The Nielsen Co. has announced the launch of a Web-based product placement valuation service that allows users to evaluate the performance of past placements and also predict the effectiveness of new brand-integration opportunities.

The new service, called Place Values, delivers performance scores on brand recognition, attitude toward a brand and purchase interest. It was developed based on the findings of Nielsen's extensive Product Placement Valuation Study conducted last year. The research study consisted of more than 10,000 individuals participating in the screening of 50 programs across broadcast and cable TV, during which product placements and commercials were featured for almost 200 consumer brands.

"We're thrilled with the positive feedback we've received on the strength of our research in the valuation study, and we're pleased to build on this foundation with a tool that allows our clients to evaluate in detail the performance of their product placements both past and future," said Annie Touliatos, director of product development and marketing at the Nielsen Co.

Nielsen already offers clients a product placement tracking service called Place Views that reports on placement activity by company, brand or product category along with the minute ratings at the time of the placement. But this is Nielsen's first foray into valuing product placements, a field in which it has numerous competitors vying to establish their own measurement formulas as the industry standard. Advertisers are hoping that a widely accepted valuation service will help set more standardized pricing for integrations -- whose costs now vary widely-- much like ratings do for 30-second spots.

"There are other companies that have put together their own formulas and valuation models," Touliatos said. "We felt it was important to conduct thorough research first before launching our valuation service."

She said Place Values assigns product placement scores based on what percentage of the audience will recognize the brand, what percentage will feel good about the brand and what percentage will be interested in purchasing the brand. The service also assigns an index score comparing the effectiveness of a placement to that of a 30-second spot for the same three categories. A score of 100 means an integration will be just as effective as a 30-second spot, while a score of 110 means a placement will be 10% more effective and 90 means it will be 10% less effective.

The new service allows clients to test multiple placement configurations for their brands in a variety of programming environments, Nielsen said. For example, Place Values can determine to what extent the addition of a verbal mention might add to a placement's performance and what the impact might be if a brand is placed on a show with greater audience loyalty.

Nielsen clients A&E, CBS, Court TV, Discovery, Fox, Magna Global, Mediacom, OMD, PH.D., Scripps Networks, Sprint, the Weather Channel, Twentieth TV and Zenith Media -- charter subscribers on the Nielsen study that were instrumental in the execution of the research and the development of Place Values -- also are the first subscribers to the new service.

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