Nielsen talks commercials


NEW YORK -- Nielsen Media Research said Thursday that it has met with more than 100 of its customers to discuss its proposed commercial ratings system.

The meeting, held in New York, updated networks, ad agencies and marketers about how it would provide ratings data in the future. It will decide specifics by year's end, but Nielsen said it would provide the data so that commercial ratings could be determined from minute-by-minute DVR playback of up to seven days. That data stream will become available April 24; it will be added to the company's NPOWER software beginning next month.

That means the networks will be able to create customized commercial ratings, which will help alleviate concerns that broadcast and cable channels had about a one-size-fits-all system as well as accuracy issues raised by some clients.

Nielsen also pledged to keep working toward an average commercial minute rating, which will be available by May 31 and determine what other data streams they will have.

"It seems clear that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to commercial ratings and that providing the industry with multiple tools that range from very flexible and granular to more standardized formats is the best approach," Sara Erichson, general manager of national services at Nielsen, said in a statement.

Nielsen Media Research is owned by VNU Group, parent company of The Hollywood Reporter.