'Night Moves': Jesse Eisenberg, Peter Sarsgaard Debate How to Get Explosive Materials (Exclusive Video)

In the latest look at Kelly Reichardt's eco-terrorism thriller, also starring Dakota Fanning, two of the film's environmentalists try to determine whether and how to get what they need to blow up a hydroelectric dam.

In the eco-terrorism thriller Night Moves, Jesse Eisenberg, Peter Sarsgaard and Dakota Fanning play environmentalists plotting to blow up a hydroelectric dam in Oregon.

But in order to do so, they'll need a massive amount of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, and Eisenberg's Josh doubts they'll be able to get what they need.


In an exclusive clip from the film, set to hit select theaters on May 30, Josh, Fanning's Dena and Sarsgaard's Harmon discuss how much fertilizer they'll need and how they'll obtain it.

After Harmon calmly says he thinks they need an additional 500 pounds, a nervous Josh doubts they'll be able to get that much by simply "go[ing] to the feed store," as Harmon suggests.

"They're not going to sell us that much," Josh says. "Anything over 10 pounds sends up major red flags for these guys."

But after thinking for a bit, putting a trembling hand to his forehead, Josh agrees.

VIDEO: 'Night Moves' Trailer

Night Moves was directed by miniaturist Kelly Reichardt, who previously helmed Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy.

The film, which is being distributed by Cinedigm, previously played at the 2013 Venice and Toronto film festivals and last month's Tribeca Film Festival.

Watch the fertilizer-negotiation clip above.