'Nightcrawler' Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal is on the Prowl (Video)

His reporter character is shown speeding around L.A. in a sports car and training his camera on crime scenes.

The voiceover from the first trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s indie thriller Nightcrawler emerged over the weekend in a viral clip posted to Craigslist.

But now a full trailer has debuted online.

Gyllenhaal, who's also producing the film, plays an L.A. reporter who stumbles upon the world of crime journalism. While making the movie, he made headlines for his dramatic weight loss and badly injuring his hand while filming a scene involving a mirror (part of which is included in the trailer).

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In the preview, Gyllenhaal is shown speeding around L.A. in a red sports car as he listens to a police scanner for information about fresh crime scenes. Once he arrives at the scenes, he trains a video camera on the carnage, at one point dragging a corpse.

His pursuit of a job at a TV station is also shown, as part of his hiring pitch seems to be delivered to Rene Russo’s character, with Gyllenhaal saying, “I’m thinking television news might be something I love as well as something I happen to be good at."

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Open Road Films is releasing Nightcrawler, which co-stars Bill Paxton and was written and directed by Dan Gilroy, in theaters on Oct. 17, but the film will get its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Watch the full trailer above.