Nightingale finds outlet for 'Believe'

Digital Rights Group will host Web series

TORONTO -- Veteran Canadian producer the Nightingale Co. has pacted with British digital distributor Digital Rights Group to launch the online video series "Do You Believe Me?" worldwide.

Toronto-based Nightingale created the online video series and game with Portuguese producer beActive, in which a teen girl, Maya, has recurring nightmares portending danger and seeks help online.

Users of "Do You Believe Me?" sign up to watch video and play a game that takes them into Maya's world via multiple layers of content and interaction, including e-mail, mobile, SMS and blogs.

The online series also features embedded marketing opportunities for brands and advertisers.

DRG's i-Rights division and Nightingale signed a two-year deal to webcast the 48-part series aimed at teens.

"Do You Believe Me?" is the first multimedia collaboration between beActive and Nightingale, which is best known for TV dramas including "The Weight" and "ZIXX: Level One, Two & Three."