Nike Launching Vogue Air Jordans That Are Anna Wintour-Approved


They’re literally called AWOK (Anna Wintour Okay).

Apparently Air Jordans are in vogue.

They have the stamp of approval from the Vogue editor-in-chief herself, Anna Wintour, who is launching the Vogue x Nike AWOK Air Jordans, announced Thursday, as the first-ever women's collaboration for Jordan. The line's acronym AWOK fittingly stands for "Anna Wintour Okay," as writers of the magazine can tell you from seeing the word written across their final drafts.

Two sneakers will be born from the partnership: the Air Jordan 1, out July 21, which recasts the retro, high-top shoe in red or white leather, and the Air Jordan 3 SE, out September 7, with a red or black tweed accent riffing on Wintour’s signature Chanel tweed suits. 

Both shoes feature AWOK stamped onto the sole and tongue, because, well, they’re Anna Wintour approved. She modeled the Air Jordan 1s at her desk in a video released by Vogue, which depicts Wintour editing an article while watching a soccer game on TV (she multitasks like the rest of us). She eyes a neon toy ball on her desk (next to a blueberry crumble muffin) that she flawlessly shoots into a toy net across the room. The infamous editor scrawls “AWOK” on top of the article and continues her slam dunks after finishing every task (what can’t she do?). Eventually the ball rolls under her desk and taps the pair of red Air Jordans that she’s casually wearing under her red floral dress.

The Air Jordan 1 High Zip AWOK will be available in select stores, including Hirshleifers and Nordstrom, on July 21 and on the Nike Snkrs app nationwide on July 22. Each pair comes with an “Edited by Vogue” Nike Air tag. The final say in fashion, Wintour hosts the Met Gala each year, attracting top houses and stars from Scarlett Johansson to Amal Clooney, though she's rumored to be leaving Conde Nast soon.

The real question: Will she wear the Air Jordans during fashion week this fall? 

Watch the video below.