Nikka Costa Gets Naked for Album Announcement (Video)

Youtube/Nikka Costa Music Channel

The 38-year-old singer goes topless in a youtube clip announcing her latest release. Is it a move of desperation or savvy marketing?

Forget social networking, an email blast or the traditional radio promo grind, Nikka Costa has opted to announce her new album, PRO*WHOA!, naked. 

The funk-soul singer took to Youtube for a one-minute clip announcing the record, which comes out on June 21. It is her fourth studio effort and follows 2008's Pebble to a Pearl. 

No stranger to the music biz -- Nikka's father is veteran producer Don Costa, she’s married to Australian musician Justin Stanley and was once managed by American Idol's Randy Jackson -- Costa cheekily asks, “What’s a girl got to do to get her music heard?" 

Of course, the 38-year-old essentially answers her own question, but the clip now begs another: does the topless stunt reek of desperation? In 2001, Costa saw a much buzzed about launch on Virgin Records with the release of Everybody Got Their Something, which sold 246,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan, but her most recent album only moved 16,000 units. PRO*WHOA! is being positioned as a more pop-leaning record, so perhaps the time to get naked is now or never. 

Costa kicks off a U.S. tour on June 16 at Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino whose slogan, appropriately enough, is "just the right amount of wrong."  

See the "Streaking Nikka" clip below: