Nikki Reed's Eco-Friendly Beauty Collab Is All About Recycling Awareness

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Nikki Reed

"If there’s anything we should all take away from this it’s that recycling is single-handedly the most important and immediate thing you can do for the planet," says the actress at Kiehl's Recycle Across America campaign launch party.

Every year Kiehl’s is our reminder that Earth Day is coming. The 165-year-old apothecary brand elicits the help of a few celebrities every April for a partnership that marries limited-edition product — co-designed and endorsed by a famous face like Elizabeth Olsen last year — with donations to Recycle Across America. On Wednesday night in Santa Monica, the brand celebrated collaborator Nikki Reed.

For the actress, every day is basically Earth Day — she’s not only dedicated to reusing, repurposing and elephant rescue, among other issues, but her sustainable handbag line Freedom of Animals is actually made from recycled plastic water bottles, among other eco-friendly materials. "Recycling should be effortless, it should be second nature," said the actress at the event also attended by her husband, Ian Somerhalder, and Gilles Marini. "If there’s anything we should all take away from this it’s that recycling is single-handedly the most important and immediate thing you can do for the planet."

The reason she signed on for the Kiehl’s partnership was to help promote and bring awareness to Recycle Across America, the beneficiary of up to $50,000 in sales of the product. Her bag line uses recycled plastic from the ocean, "so it makes a lot of sense for me to partner with them for a campaign about recycling and educating kids on the importance of it." Education is a big theme for Reed, who says she’s a "lifelong student. Even though I’m probably never going to see a certificate or degree from it, I’m always in school online." Her next courses start back in a few weeks. "I think feeling beautiful consists of feeling educated," she added.


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Although the actress lent her name — and elephant spirit animal — to one of Kiehl’s star products, the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($48), she admits to having a very DIY beauty routine at home. "I make a lot of my own face products, which sounds kind of kooky, but I’m a big believer in cleaning the skin, so I do a full cleanse every night, full washing, scrubbing," Reed told Pret-a-Reporter. "I make my own scrubs, I use sugar, sea salt, I put them in some oil. And I’m a big believer in using oils to moisturize the skin."

Despite her very natural approach to skincare, she has an appreciation for occasions that call for a little glamour. "In my everyday life my hair is frizzy and I wear nothing on my face and I would live in the sun," Reed told Pret-a-Reporter, looking resplendent in a bold orange-red lip. "In my work life I have the opportunity to kind of play characters. I literally look at nights out like this, where I’m working, as an opportunity to play a character. This is what I’m doing right now."